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  1. Hello I have a new pair of H1 12v 100W light bulbs that i bought for my Nissan s15 Silvia but i sold my car so no use for these anymore. You can replace these with your stock lights and will make it brighter. $25
  2. (WTB) S15 Silvia (Steering wheel)

    Hi, I'm looking to buy stock steering wheel AUDM/JDM PM me price
  3. Different type of S15 headlights

    dam, looks mean
  4. Nissan 200sx S15 Spec S $17,888

  5. WRX or Nissan s15 I know they are completely different cars to compare but i just want to see which is more popular within the community between the 2.
  6. WANT TO BUY adm 200sx S15

    i have exactly the car your after except it doesnt have logbooks
  7. Fuel economy

    maybe cut down on the vtec? or o2 sensor
  8. When i used to own an evo 7 i got around 300-350 a tank
  9. As the title says what are some simple bolt-on mods that increase low end torque for an nissan 200sx s15
  10. WTB- Nissan s15 Spoiler

    where can i purchase a spoiler like this ?
  11. Need abit of help (nissan 200sx s15)

    Yeh i'm probably not used to it as i have came from an mitsubishi Evo and the gearbox was smooth and tough
  12. Need abit of help (nissan 200sx s15)

    Btw the knocking sounds is coming from the rear it sounds like an exhaust that is not bolt on properly and makes knocking noises every time you accelerate but im pretty sure the mechanic looked into that so it could be something else
  13. Need abit of help (nissan 200sx s15)

    It doesn't get into gear like moving the gear stick from N to R it doesn't go into Reverse yet the gear stick position is on R i have a reverse camera as well so i know when its on reverse gear it takes a few tries to get it on Reverse and its a hassle when trying to reverse out of a carpark when its stuck on N hope i explained it as easy as i could
  14. Newbie S15 here

    hey im new to the s15 scene and i plan on building my car for reliability