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  1. i have one for ya mate, it's not stock but it's like a 1.5" exhaust or someshit it should pass. you can have it for a pack of cigis just pm me and come pick it up. That's if you havn't already gotten one

    after lurking on the forum for a good few years finally got a nissan
  3. s2000 question

    Depends on what size/brand tyre you want to run.
  4. s2000 question

    Possible with -5degrees rear camber rolled and pulled rear guards, cut rear bumper with bumper tab relocation 19x9+22 is the where it will concave. Not possible at the front unless real wide guards
  5. s15 From the states! hells yea! :D
  6. HOT!!! Diffuser! Mag blue fkn badass!
  7. 350z amuse

    Dude year old thread LOL but he already ended up getting it
  8. S2000

    For the offset lovers !!!

    You can either buy it from honda, which is about $8000. Or you can wait for a cheaper one pop up for sale 2nd hand which normally go for around 3 - 4k. Or you can get it from Yahoo Japan for about 3 - 4k.
  10. DC2R Vs. DC5R

    LOL No way 206 dude thats way too much power they only make 164 man.
  11. LOL @ SIGNAL15

    Btw, I got a fiberglass front bar and it fits 100% fits as good as my OEM front bar. It is possible to have a genuine fitting fiberglass front bar btw.. I just replied here caus other thread is closed.
  12. Some pics before I sell up

    I still dont see how these rims are "fluro?" not even close... its dark az. And green rims have been done heaps before and they look sweet has nothing to do with sucking up.
  13. Some pics before I sell up

    Get some Takata harnesses to match the rims
  14. Some pics before I sell up

    Unique colour for australia, but not so much other countries. I'm whoreing all ur threads vu LOL
  15. Lets add some usdm to this thread..