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  1. WTB s15

    Hi Looking at purchasing an S15. Colour does not matter. In ok condition. Let me know what you have and price. Thanks
  2. Fuel light on at 1/4 tank S15

    mines not even working!
  3. Spoilers! whats best?

    no wing no wing!!
  4. my indicators dont work

    clean out the switch or get a new one? mine died aswell so i just got a new one.

    i got a hks turn flow intercooler. It replaces the stock intercooler piping..haha i didn't want to cut a hole as well..just to be safe..
  6. boost went down?

    I just took off my after market BOV and now my boost dropped by 3psi? it was running stock boost 7psi..now its only 4! wth? lols anyone got any ideas?
  7. boost went down?

    yea its all blocked off..im fitting a fmic anyways..so ill have a look at it again..
  8. http://i11.ebayimg.com/06/i/000/ae/5b/27dc_2.JPG can anyone tell if its gonna fit on a 180sx?
  9. can anyone tell fit it fits on a 180sx?

    yeah the person selling it said it would..but they never seen it fitted on a 180..because they re-sell parts etc..all tested with no leaks..i just wanted to make sure..thanks for that dude.
  10. NEED WORK!

    I rekon go school and get a degree..or go do a trade..stuff factory jobs n all that shit..you dont learn nothing..plus your doing the same shit over n over again..
  11. NEED WORK!

    ^^ lame...
  12. http://drifthouse.multiply.com/video/item/2
  13. my mate had the same problem. ended up being him not screwing on the battery tight enough.lols
  14. Hey everybody, Car is running like sh!t..It feels like its getting alot of air and not enough fuel..the car lags pretty bad at times.My work mate told me its running lean. Anybody have any tips or suggestions? Mods- 3in Turbo back exhaust, Pod & BOV Car- 180sx, Blacktop turbo. thanks
  15. car running lean?

    Yeah, I was thinking of getting a new fuel pump and another AFM, see how that goes. thanks for that dude.

    If only the girls were more good looking
  17. ill go the TT supra for sure. [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUn0Vp5UVhE&NR=1"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUn0Vp5UVhE&NR=1[/url]
  18. what about you park lights? you got to have both indicators and parkers..otherwise you might get a lame defect. with mine i just used the old parker n indicators n screwed them in the air hole area. i wanna some how get parkers and indicators in one that fits the BN kit..dunno where to get them tho..
  19. water prolly went in some where..i had the same problem..just leave the engine on for a while..
  20. yes they do. i got them on my kit..If u buy it from ebay you should ask for the bolbs..i dont think it come with it.
  21. Battle of the Giants

    how about this fight? lols
  22. ciggie lighter stopped working

    fuse. Takes 5 mins to change n only cost a few dollars to buy a fuse pack. otherwise I dunno..lols

    My gf has the same problem with her skyline..most the time the smell comes when she turns alot. Don't know what the problem is tho.

    2nd one looks much better