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  1. look!

    I just posted it in the members intro section..lols my bad. anyways dunno if anyone has seen this but for the people who hasn't check it out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B63a5UtI85Q
  2. Car Related Jobs?

    I'd say get into the metal engineering industry.. make pretty good money there dude. I'm just a TA (trade assistant) for a engineering company n i'm earning over 1k a-week. But its up to u in the end. good luck.
  3. look inside

    any bet if they were all import cars every one here would say that was awesome! but because their VL's you all think its shit? weird...
  4. anyone want a s13?

    i got the same lame laggy problem..noone seems to know wth it is..so im just gonna leave it as it is..
  5. o2 sensor

    Anyone know where i can get a o2 sensor for a 94 180sx in melbourne? thanx
  6. o2 sensor

    lols thats wat i was thinking. im sure ill find one. anyway off to watch pussycat dolls!! haha peace!
  7. o2 sensor

    wouldnt noe..my mechanic calld them up today n askd..we went to like4 wreckers for now..lols oh well ill find one some how
  8. Hey

    hi hi
  9. i found some jap coins n cards..lols
  10. any good jap wreckers,

    try the import car yards..some of them sell 2nd hand parts aswell.
  11. o2 sensor

    nah iv tried them..didnt have it, also had a look at a few wreckers..so far no luck. thanks anyway dude.
  12. car sounds like a truck

    had the same problem n it was the turbo gasket that was blown
  13. As the topic says i figured out what the clunking sound comes from.. its the 02 sensor hitting against the metal thats just on top. their sitting to close after putting a front n dump pipe on. Thats why the exhaust light pops up because the 02 sensor wire snapped due to it always hitting against the plate. So for the people that has this problem hope that helps..cuz mine stop making them stupid loud clunks! just got to figure out what the lagging/jerking problem is..lols
  14. my car is still laggy n sometimes engines starts to jump like its gonna stall n iv read that alot of others frm ns.com has the same problem..just wondering if anyone knows what the problem is?. I thought it only happens wen its hot but nope..same sht happens wen its cold..also front left side still makes a loud clunk wen i go over speed humps..mechanics had a look n couldnt see whats wrong with it. anyone have a say?? thankz yo!
  15. sweet thanks guys. ill hav a look at it asap. its giving me the shits.
  16. 180sx Hatch wimdow

    sorry but i too would like to know..lols
  17. Suspension knocks!

    I have the same problem n I tryd that the other day..didn't really work..same thing still happening lols..
  18. buzzing

    agree with the fuel pump..been in a 180 that had the same problem.
  19. **Laggy sr20det part 2**

    I also have the same problem..only happens when its hot n when driving for a long time..after that the car just starts jurking on 1st gear unless i change to like 3rd gear..had my mechanic check it out but he had no clue.. tho he did somthing with the turbo plumbing to gain more boost, so im not having that laggy prob any more just the damn stalling/jurking crap! anyone find out what this is?? seems like a very common problem with the sr engines ey..lols
  20. Squeaky Steering/Suspension

    I think your problem might be the same as this guys. Hope it helps dude. http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.p...howtopic=226359
  21. Suspension knocks!

    http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.p...howtopic=226359 maybe something like this guys problem?
  22. Suspension knocks!

    I think i have the same prob.. also with mine wen i go over some speed humps the front passenger side makes a massive sound like somethings hitting some kinda metal. lols
  23. $5000 reward for STOLEN S15

    I work all over melbourne. Ill keep a good eye out for ya!
  24. BOV Problem

    I had the same problem..i just re tuned it n it was fine after that. Theres a screw infront of your intake manifold that you can control the idle/rev maybe give that a try?
  25. just wondering how to remove it or block it off? did a search but couldnt find one for it. do i need to block both holes frm bov to intake? n what do i use to block them off? iv got a aftermarket bov on atm n havnt taken the stock one off yet.