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  1. Just wondering if its legal to have a FMIC on a car in melbourne? even tho u have to cut a hole in the engin bay?
  2. I just fitted a flyin front n dump pipe in one..now my exhaust temp light turns on after awhile driving on the free way?? thanx
  3. front and dump pipe fitted

    lols u didnt cut urs did u? Im gonna take it back to my mechanic n get it checkd up since im getting it tuned..
  4. front and dump pipe fitted

    The sensor on the dump pipe isn't the cat temp sensor it is the o2 sensor. Cutting this means your car will run rich on cruising and give you poor fuel efficiency and lower the life of your cat. An error with this sensor will not make the cat light turn on. The cat temp sensor, which is what activates the light, is plugged into the rear drivers side on the cat. The light being on means it is either grounding when it shouldn't be or your cat has had it. ok i quess im not gonna cut that off..lols what do u guys think i should do?
  5. front and dump pipe fitted

    sweet, thanks for that dude.
  6. front and dump pipe fitted

    if i do cut it would there be any kinda problems? or is it alright driving it without the sensor connected? they had to make a new hole for the sensor cuz the one on the dump pipe was to small..
  7. Turbosmart baby

    I bought a turbosmart bov aswell without an adaptor, I just went n bought an adaptor cost me about 50 bux i think..cnt member how much it was.