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  1. Ill pay you $13.70 an hour to be a little bitch for me...


    All you have to do preety much is let me put a choker chain on you, take some swift kicks to the head occassionly for stress relief and let me shoot you with an air rifle on the odd occasion.


    Must be cable of understanding "Sit ubu sit.....good dog"



    lame... :huh:

  2. Bah, this is argued all the time.


    For the people who worked for their cars, get over it.




    Do you want medals? You worked for your car, so what? So did I. So did many other people.


    You feel proud that you worked hard to get what you wanted. You also know that other people got it easier, so when you have kids, you want them to have it easier than you did right?


    Have you ever thought that these rich kids' parents were once struggling or just on average incomes too? Now that they're earning good money, they want to do something nice for their kids and here you all are bitching.


    It's a part of life. Some people will be born into wealthier families. Just like night and day it's a part of life. Why even bring it up?


    Some of them might not realise the value of a dollar and you might. Well good for you but don't go acting all proud and snicker at rich kids because you're a hard worker and they get everything they want. There are alot more people out there that have it way way way worse than us.


    One of the guys on the contender who won a Toyota pick up truck became the owner of his first car and his first suit at age 30. Think about that the next time you decide you're more in tune with the real world than rich kids because to other people you are the 'rich kids'.


    spot on.

  3. yeah i just walked around my car and no lights were on, i dunno what the problem is as no1 would be able to set my alarm off as it is locked in my backyardwith high fence's... f**king puzzler, just wanna get my car started... dosent tick or anything and just changed battery dun know wat is going on.


    my mate had the same problem. ended up being him not screwing on the battery tight enough.lols

  4. Hey everybody,


    Car is running like sh!t..It feels like its getting alot of air and not enough fuel..the car lags pretty bad at times.My work mate told me its running lean.

    Anybody have any tips or suggestions?



    Mods- 3in Turbo back exhaust, Pod & BOV

    Car- 180sx, Blacktop turbo.



  5. awww sweet, im driving with no indicators in the front bar at the moment :ph34r:



    what about you park lights? you got to have both indicators and parkers..otherwise you might get a lame defect. with mine i just used the old parker n indicators n screwed them in the air hole area. i wanna some how get parkers and indicators in one that fits the BN kit..dunno where to get them tho..

  6. I recently bought a sileighty

    last night I had some fun around the back streets of fyshwick

    about 2 mins later I smelt a realy strong smell of petrol

    I pulled up in a car park

    popped tha hood

    and checked it out

    couldn't find anything

    It was running rich but I got that fixed (tha fool that owned it before had tha boost cntrl in backwards)

    u guys have any ideas what it could be? :huh:



    My gf has the same problem with her skyline..most the time the smell comes when she turns alot. Don't know what the problem is tho.