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  1. Epic car fail thread

    ha ha my car made it onto this thread lol....... now someone buy it so i never have to see it again lol
  2. defected

    raise the car with the coilovers assuming you have ajustible ones, box up your pod or put the stock one back in to get it through and then box up your pod properly, and put a real muffler on it so its not so loud simple go to the track and put blast/straight pipes on it they arnt for the street.
  3. DBA rotors and Intima race pads

    i bet his borthers dad's cousin used them on his 1000hp S15 with stock turbo and nitrous and thought they were no good so upgraded to a parachute because it was better
  4. DBA rotors and Intima race pads

    care to elaborate?
  5. DBA rotors and Intima race pads

    should be able to do that will have to enquire they wont be cheap though at over $400 a rotor
  6. DBA rotors and Intima race pads

    yeah i can get them for you Cheers
  7. Carbon Fibre Bonnets - Legal if engineered?

    fiber glass are ALOT lighter than stock so thats a fail story just depends on the car how much lighter eg evo 3 bonnets are alloy so they are light already R33 bonnets a heavy as sh&t and is lighter.... Yes they do go yellow and white and look crap after a while long as its sprayed in clear coat from a panel shop they are fine, Blitz bonnets are the only ones i know of that are ADR approved
  8. r33 exhaust needed

    if you can prove that your cat fitted meats the requirments for the emissions for that year model then you should have to put a new one on at all !!
  9. Bulahdelah Hill Climb

    yeah i have driven it a few times now, nearly claimed a civc that long down hill sweeper lucky day its a great road with speed not for the faint hearted
  10. DBA rotors and Intima race pads

    are you going to the GTR rotors man?
  11. DBA rotors and Intima race pads

    Hey guys looking at organising a buy for the newcastle guys seeing if any of you guys are interested caz i have got some pretty dam good prices, i am not making andything on this just seeing if any of you guys want some sweet stopping power Standard street slotted 4000 wiper slot 5000 race series And intima brake pads all series will be avalible SS, SR and D here is a speal on the SR pads website is http://www.intima.net.au/index.php if you want to do any more research Intima SR-6300 Series Brake Pad Application: Performance Street, Circuit Race & Drift Track Use (Low Dust & Hi Temp 700°c) Description: Intima's range of SR-6300 brake pads provide stable braking through the entire temperature range and have superior fade resistance. These pads are for the driver who wants confident braking on the street and on the track. The SR-6300 brake pad provides this confidence by having excellent braking capability up to 700°c. These pads also have a very low dust output and a 100% non Asbestos organic (NAO) formula. Specifications: Heat Range: Effective Braking 50°c - 700°cAverage µ: 0.4~0.5AMECA CERT CDGE CODE: TBT SR63T GG100% NAO Formula price example S14 and S15 for DBA 4000 series front rotors and Intima SR pads delivered is $526 so post up if you guys are keen this is a newcastle section only offer
  12. Bulahdelah Hill Climb

    this is a good road should be a lot of fun
  13. ****NEWCASTLE TRADERS********

    selling my sparco seats guys need money http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=497059
  14. Wedding Cars?

    my skyline will probally never see the road agian at this rate lol
  15. Wedding Cars?

    yeah its a GC8 wrx so 99 model light blue wheels low and that jazz if you want just let me know and i'll make sure its ready