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  1. are these t25 to t3 conversion turbo exhaust manifold adaptor flange ? or stick with the proper housing you mentioned earlier? http://www.ebay.com/itm/t25-to-t3-conversion-turbo-exhaust-manifold-adaptor-flange-turbine-t28-/160870089772
  2. thanks for the info ive read ur build on the red dragon s14 are u guys using this same housing?
  3. hey guys quick question ive got a custom steam pipe manifold low mount currently running a gt2871r on my sr20 . i want to upgrade my turbo to a gtx3071r without changing my manifold . do garret stock gtx 3071r in t2 flange? because ive most seen t3 , where can i buy , or buy the housing? .. second of all will my gt2871r housing be a direct bolt on the gtx3071r . thanks guys
  4. Love the car mate....have you ever cosidered deleting the rear reflectors on the rear bar or pretty much get a new bar? Still looks means as tho. All the best with it man
  5. is that a dc2 type r lip?
  6. haha yeah im talking about the inside of the manifold lol
  7. hi , im planing to ceramic coat the outside of my steam pipe exhaust manifold im wondering if i coat the inside would it make a difference .eg faster spool up , better thermal barrier any info would be helpful cheers
  8. HELP s15 brake disc upgrade

    weight material thread pad piston area R33 GTST 3.3kg Alloy 12mm DB1170 40.4mm x 4 SR20DET 4.8kg Cast Iron 12mm DB1170 40.4mm x 4 basicaly thay are the same jsut diffrent material http://nissans15.com/brakes.htm
  9. Brake Disc Specs Front Discs: Model Diameter Thickness Center hole height S15 SR20DET 280mm 30mm 68mm 54mm R32 M-Spec 280mm 30mm 68mm 54mm 300zx Turbo 280mm 30mm 68mm 54mm R33 GTST 296mm 30mm 68mm 53.75mm R34 GTT 310mm 30mm 68mm 53.75 R32 GTR - non V-Spec 296mm 32mm 68mm 54mm R33-R34 GTR - Brembo 324mm 30mm 68mm 53.75mm As can be seen all discs all have similar dimensions apart from difference in diameter. All will fit onto the S15 hubs . question is will ther r33 gtst rotor fit on standrd S15 SR20DET brake calipars with no midifications
  10. whats do you guys think is the best bov sound for a s15? currently fluttering or anyone would know what this bov would be http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoWuia7Gnas??? cheers
  11. steam pipe

    doesnt hurt looking around for a better price
  12. wondering where in syd makes good steam pipes low mount short runners for sr20 for good price ..seen most for $1000