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  1. Wow.....this thread has died hasn't it?!!!! Whos up for some Free for All on Black Ops?? :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
  2. For someone who doesnt like it Ian, you sure are playing it alot!! Im pretty much only playing it now for the wager matches now.
  3. Hows everyone liking/hating Black Ops??? This thread doesnt get much action anymore!!
  4. Hated it at first but now Im starting to get into it! And OMG Hardcore Free for All?!?!?! :hypo:
  5. I didnt rage, just wasnt in the mood for domination so I left. Ive been sticking to Hardc HQs lately but because Ive reached lvl 70 Ive been mucking around on free for all now with throwing knife
  6. Ive been having alot of fun lately with akimbo weapons - in love with the M9s and UMPs. Not many of you fellas come on anymore!!!
  7. I run outta bullets too quickly using that....it is fun though. So....Im level 31 and Im over levelling up now. Whats the quickest way to unlock everything??
  8. RPGs are so five minutes ago, kinda over them now I got all challenges for them. I don't have A fav anymore
  9. Ive never been a fan of the AK-47. Even in COD4.
  10. I got the shits once that harry c*nt started whinging
  11. I think its just time we all admit how much I suck at cod
  12. ^^^ I dont know if I like the look of that. and I rage quit for good reasons!
  13. Woooooooooot. Finally got all my RPG challenges now so I can finally hang up the RPG for good now (maybe)