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  1. honda dc2r

    hey guys finally got my first carr.. a beautiful black dc2r.. been playing round with it heaps and wondering what would be the best first upgrade.. didnt wanna mess around with the engine too much coz im worried about screwing up the engineering that went into it so what do you guys suggest?
  2. hondas integrA type R vs prelude vtir 4th gen

    yeh this is.. finally chosen to go get a honda and now tryin to choose between these two models.. the reason for me choosing honda is because of their vtec engines and n/a power.. woulda went nissan buh cant drive turbos as of new p plate laws!.. wanted to see which was better in performance etc etc..
  3. which one outta these two cars are better?.. the honda integra type R dc2r or the 4th gen honda prelude vtir?
  4. honda prelude

    rebuilt motor in my brothers prelude... runs like new.... wit 220***km on it wats the cost of rebuildin vtec?? i_s2_nismo no neone hu has a vtir prelude instead??
  5. honda prelude

    hey guys found a pretty good 95 honda prulude that i was thinkin of gettin the cars done bout 250k+ kms and wondered wat bad the vtec engine would be before i actualli go inspect as its on the oda side of the city.. the owners askin for 8.5 and i think due to the engine i mite be able to get him down to at least 7.5? wat should i be looking for in the engine to try get a bargain off an awesome car?
  6. y did ppl use to think nissan was bad?

    so ur dad said they were shit, so u just assume everyone thinks they are shit? lol nah not that all these otha ppl do too.. jus wondering as ive been told this for many years you no? jus wanna get into nissan myself now
  7. y did ppl use to think nissan was bad?

    realli?/ hahaha funny thing is my dad says nissans are a hella lot of trouble.. my family has several hondas, a toyota and a honda motorbike and there all fine so i dun think its anythin against jap import cars haha used to have mazdas etcetc any other things??
  8. hey jus wondering y did ppl used to think nissans were bad.. that their engines were shit and always broke down.. hard + expensive to fix etc etc.. im not sayin that nissan is shit or nethin jus wondering y family and oda ppl have been sayn that nissans are a lotta trouble.. gotta clear this up b4 i go ahead and buy my own!
  9. Nissan vs Honda

    yeah... no matter what you do to ur car... reselling will be hard come time to buy a turbo... thats why i think sticking to something like a 180 would be ok... even though CA are apparently rare with non turbo.... i know a few friends with them... lol. also... i think... if you do up a 180 or any nissan.... it looks pretty hot.... When i see hotted up civics or whatever... i giggle and think it looks like a barbie car.... >_< keep browsing through fowles... theres alot of damaged cars, but theres also pretty clean ones... repo'd from the owners etc. dunno if i have the time, space, money or patience to even go through fowles and grab one of dere cars.. is it possible to rent out garages in vic?? where would i go to get these cars rebuilt too?
  10. best mods for r32 skyline gts

    yeh found an ok one on carpoint and negotiatin with the owner atm.. like i said i wanted to drive it to uni and not have others in d car park tryna smash it up and stuff... my friends silvia got smashed into at uni and hes had the sound system stolen b4.. his car was pretty much stock too and its a s13.. guess that if i get the r32 gts wen it comes time to sell there shud be a higher demand as all the new p platers still wont be able to drive turbo.. my only plus +++
  11. best mods for r32 skyline gts

    lol dun think the turbo blowoff will help...
  12. hey ppls was thinkin bout gettn a skyline r32 gts.. this car is fully stock and wondered wat would be the best engine mods that i can begin with without attracting attention from cops and vicroads...
  13. Nissan vs Honda

    how much is this conversion? i found an aiight car at carpoint.. wondering is it a requirement for huever does the engine swap to report it to vicroads?.. my sis bf works for repco and wondering if they would have to tell vicroads bout the cars engine gettin swapped...
  14. Nissan vs Honda

    yeh.. lol shuda told me earlier i closed d window... its on in melb somewhere.. hmmmm might check out fowles thats got potential.... haven't been ever since i gave up looking for a first car.... so CBF'D... o yeh wanted to ask u... wat are the best things bout the eg civic breeze? the pluses and the minus?...
  15. Nissan vs Honda

    yeh.. lol shuda told me earlier i closed d window... its on in melb somewhere..