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  1. hell yeah man! theres a few lurking around the place. This bloke knows EVERYTHING about hondas. id say one of the most capable individuals in adelaide. Chanh 0403455660 Also, another tucked away garage that is confident in hondas Friendly Auto Repairs 202 Grand Junction Rd Pennington The old bloke there may not look like much but he knows his stuff (doesnt speak english well) His son knows his shiet (speaks english)
  2. where to buy honda engines ?

    Thats their previous location and number. The new one (for 4 years now) is: Woodville Motor Wreckers (08) 8447 6799 156 Eastern Pde Gillman SA 5013 Big Orange Building on the Corner as u drive along Eastern Pde.
  3. Hey anyonw seen a D16Y8 head?

    Hey mate give these guys a shot good chance they'll have it. they are a bit pricey though. Else, Oz Honda WTB Section =] Woodville Motor Wreckers (08) 8447 6799 156 Eastern Pde Gillman SA 5013
  4. dc2r ftw! B18C7 all the way when comparing it to a H22A The H is too heavy n doesnt wanna revv as hard as a 1.8L B
  5. where to buy honda engines ?

    Chris @ Costless Wreckers has 2 B18C2 motors. tell him the asian guy who always rocks up for advice told you LOL a few places have honda motors. its just honda parts are spead out thin in adelaide!
  6. 87 civic

    Hi there if ur car has the D series motor in it, u can only swap to another D series with minimum work. (exludes the D16Y family) a direct replacement is obviously a direct swap. else u can opt for: ZC, D16A3/8: ZC: JDM basically a D16A($500-800), A3 = brown top (manual vacumn), A8 = black top (electronic vacumn). different heads. not too hard i guess this swap. comes out of a DA3 Teg/Rover. the motor will drop right in with stock mounts (i think) along with a trans from the D16A. along with that u will need to run new fuel lines, fuel pump, engine loom, ecu, maybe shafts. B16/B18/B20/D16Y: b-series ($1100-$7000) found in the DA9, EG6, DC2, DC4, EK4. D16Y ($500-900) series found in the EJ's, EG2, EG4, EG5, EK1. will need a heap of stuff done for this to happen. custom mounts (place like hasport), ecu, engine loom, shafts, fuel lines + pump (again cos u r currently carby) keep in mind that u will may lose power steering and a/c depending on which mounts u get. H-series: ($1500) not practical and why would you. K-series: ($~5000) engine is too tall for the engine bay. has been done but a hole is cut in the bonnet to clear the rocker cover. may disguise hole with a scoop? good luck with which ever one u choose mate
  7. Honda Ownership Thread

  8. yep ozhonda *thumbs up*
  9. the newer crx's? wot u see in the engine bay of a civic, is wot u'll see in the engine bay of a crx hence Civic Renaissance model X. yes they come: D16Y1or4: SOHC non vtec (=civic ek1 gli and cxi) (gli has tach power wind etc, cxi no tach no power wind etc) D16Y8: SOHC vtec (=civic EJ?) B16A2: DOHC vtec (=civic ek4 vtir) yes they are cheap to run! things to look out for on a civic and i guess crx: - remote central locking on drivers side is sticky on cold days yet fine when it warms up so watch for that one!!!! - suspension bushes under car (tegs are notorious for them, and thrashed civics ie.vtir) - engine should have no leaks on the D16Y's (great daily motor they are) - on B16A, watch for the typical honda oil leak just under the TDC sensor near top radiator hose. - and all the other usual stuff on a used car. - check for signs of respray and collisions
  10. v-tec controller

    yeh vtec controller is pretty useless in a stock motor. at the very least should have cams. btw, if u do get the vtec controller get the car tuned on a dyno... no point doing the job half way so basically if ur motor is stock, dont bother with a vtec controller.
  11. h22a into an ek

    any B series wud be the easier and cheaper and less of a head f*** Keep in mind that the EK's have a immobilizer -> chip in the key!! clear that up b4 anything else ur car wont start after ur hard earned conversion is done. B series is direct bolt in: motor trans rear mount bracket from 99-00 civic loom+ecu i was thinking on doin it too but never got around to it.. goodluck
  12. buying my first car honda civic

    almost forgot get the car up on a hoist n check out the suspension bushes... i know tegs are notorious for them partly cos of the driver while its up there, the underside tells a whole new story bout the car!
  13. dc2 help

    a mate of mine did it not long ago in his vtir size was H4a if i remember correctly and H4 and H4a are not the same, dunno wot the diff is... if someone knows wud be great if they could clarify or just take a trip into sprint auto parts. they are great at giving u the right part!
  14. buying my first car honda civic

    not a bad price... i sold my EK civic here in adelaide for 6.5k car had nothing wrong with it manual though =D check it out n see if its clean, no collisions, clean inside and out expect no leaks or funny noises from the D16Y's if it checks out, i see y not. BTW: wtb DC2 Intgera Vtir.