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  1. my rides section

    It hasn't been fixed for me yet; there's an Attachment box in the Nissan forum for my rides, but not in the Mazda my rides area.. do you know how to fix the problem
  2. my rides section

    yeah how do we fix the problem??
  3. my car

  4. EG progress.... finishing touches happenin now

    yeah it's looking good, those head lights look pretty clean, what colour are you painting it??
  5. after some civic parts

    does anyone know where i can buy ef9 front lips or anything like that in melbourne, i guess crx parts would also fit. don't think there would be alot of places but maybe someone knows on here and i don't wanna buy off ebay etc...
  6. some honda pics

    don't really like the front guards on it
  7. EG progress.... finishing touches happenin now

    i got osaka g6 rims on my civic, looks good black with chrome dish. have alook, http://www.lwtwheels.com/g6.htm they sell them in west melbourne. and the front bar looks good.
  8. S2K Seats

    the car got sold now anyway, for $200 and the engine was fine and interior. the websight you had is the right one
  9. EG progress.... finishing touches happenin now

    looks good. can't wait to see it.
  10. eg interior, turbo kit and springs

    oh ok damn. good luck finding the parts then.
  11. eg interior, turbo kit and springs

    oh i see, what part of the country? yeah it's in melbourne, 17 Railway Crs Croydon/(03) 9723 3644 . and that would suck getting it the turbo kit sold on you. few more wreckers Hondcivic Parts 16 - 20 Kerr St Fitzroy VIC 3065 ph: (03) 9419 2688 Hondaspares 4 Bridge Rd Keysborough VIC 3173 ph: (03) 9798 4133 Hondworld 61c Westminster St Oakleigh VIC 3166 ph: (03) 9530 9930 Hondatec 24 Strong Ave Thomastown VIC 3074 ph: (03) 9460 6066 hope that helps you abit.
  12. eg interior, turbo kit and springs

    there's a wreckers on croydon, they got heaps. also if ya find out anything about the turbo kit can you tell me??
  13. S2K Seats

    there's this place called fowls auctions and they got a write off s2000, you could prob get them for $150 $200. it's in vic
  14. After a Front bar cant seem to find it

    na never even herd of it. but sounds interesting. if ya find it show a pic.
  15. some honda pics

    is oz honda any good?