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  1. vtec not engaging?

    correction, honda newb..hehe previous cars where, twinky corolla, sx seca, NA6 mx5 ( with koni yellows ), and a AUDM corolla with 20valve conversion, which i did my self. But yeh i guess was i expecting abit much on the vtec, gonna put change fresh oil and checking the vtec solenoid. btw. car has done 190 000kms lol!
  2. Hey guys, just bought a DC2R and i was driving, didnt seem like vtec was engaging. im hoping it was coz the engine was still cold. are there ways to check if vtec is engaging or not?
  3. morning after twister! stay on topic!
  4. to bad you're in melb..
  5. "the ultimate" is the best! gotta love that cheesecake filling!
  6. liverpool area, i know pancakes at the rocks have a decent breakfast menu.
  7. you fellas you know places that serve good brekky? in the sydney area?
  8. R32 4 door sedan

    hmmmm, might have to reconsider then, lol wats the mileage like? its gonna be my daily
  9. R32 4 door sedan

    i thought it wouldve been relatively roomy inside, considering it being a sedan and all
  10. R32 4 door sedan

    the one im checking out is a gts 4 (the AWD) stock standard, blacks, prety hawt
  11. R32 4 door sedan

    well it sjust gonna be my daily cruiser. so im not gonna really mod it, maybe just wheels, suspension and body kit..
  12. R32 4 door sedan

    do you mean forget about the lock bar? or get the lock bar?
  13. R32 4 door sedan

    thanks widow. your a legend. you gotta start somewhere.... ive been on the car market looking for a new car the past 2 months... im a toyota man at heart. you can ask me anything about toyotas and i can answer jsut thought to try something different.....haha so going for a nissan this time round!
  14. R32 4 door sedan

    im abit suss wat with the 4 wheel steering and all, probably would cost an arm and a leg to get it repaired if anything went wrong.
  15. R32 4 door sedan

    how are they in terms of reliability?