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  1. options for a ek civic and i lost my keys

    I have some bad news for you, i work at honda and yeah, it is a whole new system sorry. with the red key its salvageable or even with one black key any locksmith can code a new one. sorry mate!
  2. i want to buy a wreck...

    i'm an apprentice mechanic so i dont have a shitload of money and i drive a honda integra at the moment. i really want to buy a repairable wrecked mx-5 or FC RX-7 to fix up and make a project of while im doing it. does anyone know where to buy complete wrecks from?? i live in SA if thats at all important
  3. Wheel Spacers - Bad Stories ?

    agreed, i got an intercooler kit for my old 180sx and its the reason i sold the car. every few days one of the hoses would come off because the piping was all made so badly, nothing lined up and the hose connections were short and horrible quality. for the one day every 4 weeks my car ran well it was great but for the other 27 days it just ruined the car for me
  4. 180sx cooling question

    so with the fan shroud just trim the front so it fits in an cable tie it or whatever? i think the radiator i was looking at was $314 delivered and if its like the intercooler its not high quality or anything, but it will do the job. where should i be looking for a large capacity sump?
  5. 180sx cooling question

    well i think the front mount is blocking the air flow. when i hit boost on hot days i can hear the fan pushing harder than normal. where can i get a radiator quickly? im thinking ISC or something
  6. i have an sr20det 180sx with following power based mods CAI FMIC BOV hiflow cat thru cat back its running really hot and i was wondering if a thicker radiator core or a remote oil cooler would do a better job of bringing engine bay temps down? also a little confusing thing about the car some people may be able to shed light on: it says on the import plate that its 1991 but theres a japanese plate from nissan that says the engine is sr20det 1998. the engine us a red top and im confident its not a ball bearing turbo so does anyone have any insight to the situation? the car came with the roundish SR20 front bar cheers! nick
  7. i bought this body kit from viva garage with a type D1 front bar. it appears to be modelled on the BN sports type 1 or GP Sports G-Sonic. Obviously my indicators from the front bar dont fit and i need to find some so i can put the kit on. ive seen photos of cars with an indicator/parking light combo which fits in the hole perfectly but no surprises, viva garage has no clue what they are. does anyone else have a car with this kit and these lights because i need help desperately! the only option ive seen is a set of CY indicators from carmate but they dont come with parking lights so i dont want to get defected for not having parking lights here are some pics of it so you know what it looks like
  8. i just got this topic in an email so i thought it would be worth replying to there are a few main things, you can strip the interior of sound deadening, weight loss will pay a huge part. lightweight rims and/or a carbon fibre bonnet can also do a good job. you can do work on the engine ie new cam shafts adjustable cam gears forged pistons improved head gasket etc. as far as handling goes you can upgrade the suspension for faster cornering (coilovers, or just harder lower springs, strut bars, sway bars etc) if you wanna be. the prelude is FWD you could always just get another engine in it like a civic or integra type R and then once you sell your engine gearbox etc it will help pay that off. since your in vic i know theres a place there that sells hondata computer chips which arent hugely expensive and thatll really help your car go harder. i dont know how much you've done to the exhaust but if youve just done a cat back then a hi-flow catalytic converter and after market header will also give you improved response. if you wanna goillegally i saw a 200sx in fast 4's which had no catalytic converter or mufflers lol with the CAI intake as well make sure the piping for it is stainlss steel or some other kind of metal and consider running a tube up from an opening in the front bumper to the pod filter to get better airflow. if there arent any good holes in the bumper, i cant really remember what the bumper looks like in detail, an aftermarket one will have gaps to help out with air flow. a vented bonnet if you cant afford carbon fibre will also help cool the engine bay. i used to own an integra and i wanted to do a huge project of it until it got written off so keep in touch i'm interested to see how this goes!
  9. 91 Integra lowering problem

    17's are illegal on my eg civic but you just do these things..! i actually want to put 20s on there but know i cant.. so in wasnt going any lower than 17's lol i tryed to fit 20ez on mine apparently they dont go into the guards unless i get a wide body kit but i can fit 19s on there but i took them off and put 17s back on till i get some buddy clubs use the miadia i think its spelt wheel calculator see how big you can go its not so much the size but the width that makes them illegal as we are only allowed to go 26mm wider than the biggest factory option. my car is engeineered for 18" rims on my EK so you can have bigger long as it fits within the guidelines. yeah im not rich or anything so i bought some 16s and ive got them now, they're big enough and i dont have to pay for low profile tyres so it worked out pretty well. so where can you get the full set of king springs for $320?
  10. 91 Integra lowering problem

    17's are illegal on my eg civic but you just do these things..! i actually want to put 20s on there but know i cant.. so in wasnt going any lower than 17's yeah im a P plater and ive got one point on my licence im trying to stay a good boy ^^ haha
  11. 91 Integra lowering problem

    so where do you get them for $320 for a set? i was told about $180 for a pair so thats a bit of help. and where can i get some instructions on how to change them? ive just bought some 16" rims because apparently 17 are illegal on my model integra so i dont think theyll raise the car at all
  12. 91 Integra lowering problem

    i went into industrial springs today but all they told me was they dont and cannot make springs for an integra. they offered to sell me king springs for $220 a pair though. i might just get kings at autobarn
  13. 91 Integra lowering problem

    yeah its a bit steep if i get it done with kings how do i figure out wha size spring to buy?
  14. hey guys, im looking at lowering my gen 2 integra, looks like the last owner had the suspension adjusted because the back is sitting up pretty high. i went into pedders in adelaide and they want $800 or something to lower my car and put performance coils on it and i think thats just a bit much. anyone know where i could get it done cheaper (ie with basic quality coils)? or if i was gonna go and do it myself, does anyone know what size springs i would need to buy and how hard it would be to change? cheers!!
  15. Honda Ownership Thread