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  1. YEAH IS USEING A LITTLE OIL THINK IT IS THE RINGS AND THE HEAD GASKET IS PROB ON THE WAY OUT AS IT'S BEEN PRETTY HOT A COUPLE TIMES THE THERMO FANS HAVE STOPPED WORKING SO BEEN TAKING IT EASY ALTHOUGH HAD AN AWESOME RUN DOwn to phillip island, making bad noises from gear box now keeps clunking and wineing couldn't move into gear. adjusted clutch up and was ok to go again not sure is it more likely just clutch that needs repairing or gear box? No noise when in gear driving.
  2. Changed the plugs and seems to be running alot better. However there is a slight trace of oil in under the radiator cap and overflow bottle anyone know what that means??????
  3. more jokes

    family of boat people have moved in next door! Friendly bunch of kids have invited me to a water fight! Just putting this short note in while I wait for the kettle to boil! little johnny walks in on his parents shagging, Johnny asks what are you doing? Johnnies dad replies we're making you a little brother or sister! Johnny replies f**k that do her doggy! Iwant a PUPPY. Igot a new rolex for my B'day from the lesbians next door! I think they missunderstood me when I said I wanna WATCH! ok funny shit one more for you all to piss yourselves over! Valentines day! secretly guys feel left out. There is no special day for ladies to show their appreciation to the man in their life. March 20th is now officially "STEAK, BLOW JOB & SHUT THE f**k UP DAY" simple, effective and self explanatory. No cards. No flowers. No fancy meal. Just a steak a blow job and shut the f**k up for the rest of the day. That's it! Spread the word and help men feel appreciated!
  4. car trouble

    blondie goes to mechanic explains her car is not running properly! mechanic takes a look at it and in no time at all has it purring just fine! Wow exclaims the blonde that was fast what did you do? Mechanic replies oh nothing really just shit in your air cleaner! Blondie says really! How often?
  5. Hi I've got a 92 integra that is not starting sometimes and sounds completey out of time when cold and if you rev it it blows more smoke than bob marley. is this likely that i need new rings and pistons and pssible honning out of engine or is it probably just out of timing or induction. I've also just fuelled it up with high octane fuel does this cause problems?