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  1. Pplaters Dream

    another option for a p plater is sell the scraps and get something already done like this one currently on carsales.com
  2. time to hit the wreckers n see if u cant get wat u need there id say.
  3. 94' Prelude Knock Sensor

    fist thing to check is that the sensor is bolted down tight. dont wanna go replacing it if its not broken. if it is tight chances are its broken. just remember tho its designed to pick up a specific frequency which it registers as knock might also be a good idea to look for something else that could be rattling and setting it off at high rev's also a timing and compression check would tell you if there is detonation occcouring. check the plugs see wat their telling you. knock sensors are quite tough and rarely break.
  4. hey everyone

    will do. thanks
  5. hey all just bought a 1991 model integra coupe pretty sure its a gs. is 100% stock atm but wont stay that way long. thought i maght start this topic to gather all related info i can. eg where i can find parts (in the country lol) both aftermarket and stock. potential problems im likely to have. and just general info on the car. look forward to hearing from you all.
  6. hey everyone

    hey all<br />im from gympie QLD and currently drive a honda integra 1991 model which i just bought.<br />am currently still selling my last car which is a 1997 model n15 pulsar.<br />which had a lot of time (and even more hours) spent on it. just in case anyones interested.<br /><br />the honda is 100% stock and been very well looked after.<br />figured i'd sign up to pick your brains for some honda info and assist with whatever nissan knowledge i can offer.<br />im a fully qualified mechanic however i've opted towards the cushier lifestyle starting at AutoBarn a few weeks ago.<br /><br />so anyway thats me, if anyone knows of anywhere i can get some aftermarket bits for the honda or is interested in the pulsar please let me know:)