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Help me choose rims & size.

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I'm looking at buying some rims for the daily.


It's currently got 15x6.5's & i find them to small, now looking at 17's or 18's.


My CD5 a dark green, but very similar to this black 1 bellow (lip & height etc, but there 16's i think).



I'm pretty sure these are 18's



I've got no pic's of a CD5 with 17's, but what would you pick? 17's or 18'?


The rims I'm looking at are white CR KAI reps, or high silver/hyper black CE28's reps (we all know what they look like).


I don't mind the white type r look/CR KAI's... but I don't mind the high silver/CE28's to go with the

chrome door window trimming against the dark green.


What do you's reckon?

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