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info on some engine swaps

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Hey everyone,

i am hoping to buy a 89-91 civic and wanting to put in a new motor. not knowing much about hondas

i know of the b16a and b18b? i think, really just wanting to know if someone here has done the same

and to give some guide as to which will be better and easier to install as i may have to put it in myself pending on funds

after the initial purchase of the new motor.

All help would be much appreciated


Thank you

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The EF Civic was the first model to come out with the B16 motor. The swap should be pretty straight forward, one issue you may have is sourcing an appropriate gearbox. I am assuming the EF has a cable style gearbox, where the newer models are hydraulic. Should be able to source one from an EF SiR or Gen2 Crx SiR.


I only know of a few EG conversions, so you may have to do a bit of a google-ing to see if anyone else has done a conversion.

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